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Circuit City selling Macs again

David Chartier

Earlier this month we reported that Macs might make a comeback at Circuit City, and sure 'nuff, reader Bob tipped us off to Macs appearing at Circuit City's website, as well as select locations. Apple has their own section under the Notebook Computers category, and CC seems to carry all flavors of both the MacBook and MacBook Pro, but no desktop models (at least online). Can't say we blame them, since notebooks have reportedly been outselling desktops since 2005, and even as early as 2003.

While I'm still sitting on the fence as to whether I think Circuit City carrying Macs again is a good thing (I was working there when they screwed it up the first time), check out their new Mac section, and who knows: maybe they'll even be doing a 'get a free printer if you jump through our hoops!' rebate one of these Sundays.

Update: Seems Circuit City has just added the Mac mini and the iMac to their site's inventory. Thanks Patrick!

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