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HDTV Listings for September 23, 2006


What we're watching: What game you get on ABC tonight depends on where you are, some will see Notre Dame at Michigan State while west coasters get USC vs. Arizona. If you missed the premieres of Smith, Jericho, Law & Order: SVU or Kidnapped, tonight you'll get a second chance at a first impression. Finally, for those who didn't already watch it via VOD, The Chronicles of Narnia is on Starz-HD.

Our traditional high-def listings continue below.

Here are some other HDTV programs showing on selected networks today. All times are Eastern and reruns are in italics:

ABC (720p): Saturday Night Football: USC at Arizona or Notre Dame at Michigan State (8 p.m.)

CBS (1080i): Jericho (8 p.m.), Smith (9 p.m.)

NBC (1080i): Law & Order: SVU (9 p.m.), Kidnapped (10 p.m.), Saturday Night Live: Steve Martin (11:29 p.m.)

Fox (720p): Nada.

MYNTV (1080i): Desire (8 p.m.), Fashion House (9 p.m.)

Discovery-HD (1080i): History of Singapore (6 p.m.), Sunrise Earth (7 p.m.), The Ice Hotel (8 & 11 p.m.), Destination HD: Umbria (9 p.m.), British Columbia: Vancouver & Beyond (10 p.m.)

TNT-HD (1080i): The Matrix ( p.m.), The Matrix Reloaded (8 p.m.), Reign of Fire (10:30 p.m.)

ESPN-HD (720p): Sportscenter (6 & 10:45 p.m.) College Football: Kentucky vs. Florida (7:45 p.m.),

INHD (1080i): Fields of Glory (6 p.m.), Hooked with Mark Krupa (6:30 p.m.), Action Sports World Tour: Richmond (7 p.m.), After Hours with Daniel (8 p.m.), Poker: NPL Las Vegas Open (8:30 p.m.), London Live (9:30 p.m.), Three Sheets (10 p.m.) Beer Nutz (10:30 p.m.), Howard TV (11 p.m.), Fueled (11:30 p.m.)

INHD2 (1080i): Discoveries...America: Colorado (7 p.m), On the Run (8 p.m.), The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (9 p.m), The Marriage Go-round (11 p.m.)

HDNet (1080i): True Music w/ Katie Daryl (6:30 p.m.), Get Out! (7 p.m.), Art Mann Presents (7:30 p.m.), Deadline! (8 p.m.), MLS Soccer: LA Galaxy at Chicago Fire (8:30 p.m.), Star Trek Enterprise (10:30 p.m.), Smallville (11:30 p.m.)

HDNet Movies (1080i): The Yards (6:05 p.m.), The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (8 p.m.), Cool Hand Luke (11 p.m.)

Universal HD (1080i): Opportunity Knocks (6 & 11:30 p.m.), Medical Investigation (8 p.m.), Monk (9 p.m.), Fast Times at Ridgemont High (10 p.m.),

HBO-HD (1080i): Anacondas (6:15 p.m.), Wedding Crashers (8 p.m.)

MAX-HD (1080i): Taxi (5:45 p.m.), Batman Begins (7:30 p.m.), Doom (10 p.m.)

STZ-HD (1080i): The Legend of Zorro (6:49 p.m.), The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (9:02 p.m.), The Pacifier (11:30 p.m.)

SHO-HD(1080i): Diary of a Mad Black Woman (7 p.m.), Be Cool (9 p.m.), Underground (11 & 11:30 p.m.)

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