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Paragon shows dual-mode "hipi-2200" Smartphone

Chris Ziegler

We're, like, so over flush metal keypads, but we're going to let it slide just this once. Looking to bring a little more spit and polish than the original dual-mode hipi before it, Paragon Wireless' new hipi-2200 ups the ante with the inclusion of Windows Mobile 5 -- in a far more refined-looking package, to boot. With the exception of the lack of 3G (or even EDGE, for that matter) and the pedestrian 220 x 176 display, the spec sheet reads like a dream come true for Windows Mobile fans: 2-megapixel cam, microSD expansion, quadband GSM, SIP-based VoIP with seamless handoff, and a claimed 100 hours of standby with both GSM and WiFI radios turned on. Best of all, Paragon says the hipi-2200 is FCC certified, making a US release at least plausible. Likely? No, but we can dare to dream.

[Via Mobilewhack]

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