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Role Playing servers [Update]

David Nelson

[UPDATE: Boy, was I wrong. Apparently there is roleplaying, I was just too lame to find it. Oops. Anyway, Dorvelle makes a very nice post in the forums explaining to me how the RP works, and what I should be doing to find some. And her post also led me to their SwC Stories site, which carries the RP even further. Heck, they even have a podcast. time I log on, which will take a little while, as I will busy removing my foot from my mouth, I shall seek myself out some roleplaying.]

I recently started playing a paladin on the Steamwheedle Cartel server. The server itself is full of what seems like some fairly good people, and I have not had a problem finding groups. However, there is one thing I have noticed is missing. No, not my DPS (hah hah hah, I kid), it is the role playing. You see, Steamwheedle is a RP server. Now I am not a role player, but I heard that the people on RP servers are usually more mature and there is less drama, so I thought I'd give them a shot, expecting to have to occasionally suck it up and do some RPing. I shouldn't have worried, as RPing is practically non-existent on the lower levels , and from what I can tell, it seems pretty light on RPing as I close in on 40. The general channels are almost entirely devoid of RP.

Thinking that maybe this is an aberration, I checked out Lightninghoof via a friend's account, and I took his level 60 all around the big cities, and you would honestly not even know that it was a RPing server! In fact, both servers seem to spend more time arguing about whether or not the they should be role playing in certain channels, responding to trolls trying to annoy the RPers, etc. than actually role playing. I have to believe that there are thriving pockets of role playing on these servers, but they are not readily apparent.

Anyone out there actually role playing on the role playing servers? I'd be interested to hear your response to my experiences.

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