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TGS 06: Lost Regnum impresses

Chris Powell

One game that we haven't heard a lot about is Goshow's Lost Regnum, but the game, which is a dungeon-crawling hack 'n slasher, found its way to the Tokyo Game Show.

While currently it doesn't seem likely the game will make its way across the pond, IGN says the gameplay is straightforward enough that it should make for a great import.

In Lost Regnum, you control one of four characters and can team up with a pal to play two-player co-op throughout the game. Graphically, the game seems to be pretty impressive with nice textures and detailed characters that move very well. And to make it even better, loading was nearly non-existent. However, all good things come at a price, right? It seems Goshow had to cut some corners by limiting the draw distance by the ever-dreaded fog.

The biggest hurdle Goshow has, like any developer has in making a game of this ilk, is keeping the combat fresh and unrepetitive. If they can deliver, they may have a great game on their hands and one worthy of an import.

(Via IGN)

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