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TGS: Killzone 2, WRU?!

Vladimir Cole

When Sony showed the now-infamous Killzone 2 trailer at E3 2005 I got goosebumps all over. Though we're all aware now that the trailer was merely CGI flimflammery, the memory still haunts those of us lucky enough to experience it in that darkened theater with sound so rich and deep it gave us a heart massage.

Therefore, it's with no small disappointment that we report that Killzone 2 remains AWOL. After mysteriously disappearing from the E3 2006 lineup, Killzone 2 failed to show up at TGS.

Some would suggest that this isn't a big deal as the Japanese gamer doesn't dig FPS games all that much. That excuse doesn't explain the huge presence of Resistance: Fall of Man in Sony's TGS booth. What gives?

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