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Dragon spotted in Tokyo subway system

Vladimir Cole

The 20? Near the exits of Chiba's Kaihin Makuhari train station, where a crack team of Microsoft marketeers established an outpost during morning rush hour each day of the Tokyo Game Show.

Their mission? Grab virgin mindshare before attendees could be dazzled by competitors' booths full of bleeps, bloops, babes and strobes.

Their weapon? A bag emblazoned with the Blue Dragon name and logo. As far as TGS schwag goes, these bags are like the thing. Attendees just gobble them up. Check my impersonation of a TGS attendee: "Hey! Free bag!"

It's clear that Microsoft's working hard to promote developer Mistwalker's Blue Dragon, but it's hard to believe that any single title will be the silver bullet that the company so badly needs in this market. They're working it, but to what end? We look forward to next week's Xbox 360 sales numbers for the Japan territory.

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