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LG has a Windows Mobile Smartphone in the wings?

Chris Ziegler

What with their crosstown rival getting all serious about their own Windows Mobile efforts, it sounds like LG has decided it's high time to throw their own name in the hat. In a recent interview with NewMobile, LG's Dirk Jan van Heteren let it slip that the Korean powerhouse has a Windows Mobile Smartphone baking in the oven, promising that it'll be "unique" among the current crop of devices in the marketplace. Not surprisingly, he's mentioned that the device will make heavy use of the heat-sensitive tech employed on many of LG's higher-end feature phones (most notably the Chocolate series) and will come in a candybar form factor. That's about all that we know at this point, though NewMobile has indicated that they should know more in the February 3GSM time frame. Hey, LG, while you're still working out the details on this thing, let's make sure not to forget GSM 850 and HSDPA 850 / 1900, mkay?

[Via CoolSmartPhone, thanks Kerunt]

Update: For the record, LG's been a Windows Mobile licensee for some time, producing several Pocket PCs over the years. None of those devices has been launched globally, and this appears to be their first Smartphone effort as well -- let's hope it sees duty outside Korean borders.

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