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A million Wii units for launch in North America

Jason Wishnov

We know that Nintendo has promised us four million units worldwide before the end of year, but our hearts yearn for clarification as a vampire yearns for blood. And lo! The hemoglobin feast is upon us. Shrewdly hidden in an interview with Ron Bertram, Nintendo of Canada's vice president and general manager, the number is set:

"We're looking at a million [units] for North America at launch," said Bertram. "When Sony came out with their PS3 announcement, they said [400,000]."

One million. This figure might be the magic number, the allocation so that gamers can obtain one within reasonable difficulty, and yet still be in enough short supply to ensure the image of "must-have" hot holiday item. Our fangs hearts tingle in anticipation.

[Thanks, John K!]

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