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Aperture 1.5 tidbits

Scott McNulty

I've been looking at the new Aperture content on Apple's Aperture website and I thought I would bring to your attention a few details that might get overlooked. These aren't earth shattering features, but they are interesting:

  • You can stop, start, and skip pictures in a Aperture slideshow using the Apple remote included with most Intel Macs
  • Improved Applescript and Automator support, which is always a good thing
  • if you are interested in developing an Aperture Export plugin you can get your hands on the Aperture Export SDK, which is available to all Apple Developer Connection members. If you aren't a part of the ADC you can email
  • The Aperture Flickr plugin was developed by Connected Flow, the makers of the Flickr plugin for iPhoto. Right now it is in beta, but it will cost £14, though users of the Flickr plugin for iPhoto can get it at half price.

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