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Breakfast Topic: How Long Until Burning Crusade?

David Nelson

Blizzard maintains it will be sometime before the end of 2006. Amazon and Gamestop are taking guesses. Heck, even the forum trolls have some thoughts on the matter.

Surely a blogging dork such as myself has an opinion. Yes sir, I do. I think it will be the first week in December. Do I have anything to base that on? Absolutely not. I just think if it were going to hit in October, we'd probably already know an exact date. It could very well be in November, maybe close to Gamestop's November 28th date. With Blizzard's record of meeting release dates, I can see some people not having much confidence in there being a 2006 release at all.

What do you guys think? November? December? 2007?

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