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Calling all game pundits [update 1]

Vladimir Cole

Are you a games industry insider? Do you run your own game blog, vlog, or podcast? Perhaps you're a game industry recruiter, analyst or marketer? Whatever your role, if you're an industry professional and you've got something interesting to say on current news and events, we're looking to quote you on it.

Panelists will receive an email once or twice per month asking for their opinion on the latest goings-on in video games. We'll select the best responses to our query and publish them here.

Interested? Send a brief bio to with your background and with the subject line of "Joystiq pundit panel application." Please include your real name and company affiliations. We'll follow up in the next two weeks with all applicants and will begin polling the panel shortly thereafter.

[Update 1: added some clarifying statements to address questions that were appearing in the comments, below.]

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