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Sony shrinks the Bravia S2500 series to 20-inches

Matt Burns

Sony has a winning design on their hands with the Bravia S2500 series, so when the company needed a new 20-inch sized LCD, it just makes sense to port the same bezel to the smaller size. The KDL-20S2500 was just introduced in Japan and brings the Brivia family feature set of 1366x768 rez, digital/analog tuner, and vast array of inputs/outputs to the game including one HDMI and VGA inputs. We are just hoping that the ambient light sensor from last years model made the jump onto this guy. The set should hit Japanese retail-shelves on November 10th for ¥130,000 ($1,116 USD) and while there isn't any word of a State-side tour just yet, we can only assume that Sony is going to bring this model to the US market.

[Via Impress]

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