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All the guild drama you can handle

David Nelson

This is an amazingly accurate piece of work. Alihja, over at, has posted all the different kinds of drama queens that could be present in your guild. Heck, I recognize almost all of these types from my time in WoW. Some of my favorites include...

  • Henny Penny. Nobody gives a weather report of how the sky is falling, like good old Henny Penny. "Nothing is the same anymore since (insert name of quitter here) left the guild. This place is going downhill. Fast. Chat sucks, the raids suck. Everything sucks. I tried to get a group and nobody answered me when I spammed guild chat looking for people to run me through that one instance. I give it two months."
  • Nanny Micromanager. Not really malicious enough to be a drama queen all by themselves, the Nanny Micromanager is like the assistant to all of the drama queens. This is the person who jumps when the other drama queens say jump. They are surely a people pleaser, and they just want everyone to be happy and get along. Oh, why can't everyone get along and be happy.
  • The Quitter. "That's it, I quit!" Something has upset The Quitter enough to either quit the guild, or quit the whole game. They will make an eight-paragraph post on the guild or server message board telling their life's story leading up to what upset them. They will hit the refresh key over and over, waiting with bated breath for words of comfort and regret to come pouring in. They will be back within two weeks, when they decide to quit quitting.
We had a fellow in my last guild, who I swear, could play The Quitter in the movie version of this post. His "quitting" would last for a week. He'd usually quit because he'd claim RL issues, or he would do something dumb in-game and then be too ashamed to stick around. He would make his long, poignant farewell post in the forums, and wait for responses. Sure enough, a few Nanny Micromanagers would come along and make a sappy goodbye post to The Quitter. Then two weeks later he would mysteriously show up again in-game like nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, my guild leader would just let him right back in. Then two months later, he'd quit again because "RL is really kicking my butt right now." Uh-huh.

Definitely check out Alihja's entire post. And as I remind you with all fare, you will see some colorful language and maybe some NSFW links, so please, if that is a concern, don't visit from work.

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