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Breakfast Topic: Who Are You?

David Nelson

I often wonder about all the people who visit this site. I see the same people commenting all the time, and I want to get to know the readers a little better. So, to satisfy my curiosity, I declare today Getting To Know You Day.

I'll start. My name is Dave, and I am 29 years old . I have a wife and a dog, and I live in Michigan, near Detroit. I am going back to school to get my graduate degree in accounting, which is surely a great time. I grew up in Massachusetts, so I am a big Red Sox and Patriots fan.

I have characters on a bunch of different servers, but mostly Bloodhoof, Argent Dawn and most recently Steamwheedle Cartel. I have leveled 2 warlocks and 1 priest to 60, and most of my experience is on the Horde side. I am currently working on a paladin over on Steamwheedle, and I am sitting at level 36 at the moment. I would probably be considered hardcore, but the truly hardcore would consider me a noob. I have raiding experience through C'Thun, but I have only had limited Naxx experience.

Now you know about me. So what about you? Have an interesting job? Do you have multiple wives or husbands? Are you a celebrity on your server? Let me know!

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