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Former EGM editor speaks on state of PSP in Japan

Chris Powell

It's been no secret that the PSP has struggled to keep up with the DS Lite in Japan, although one Sony exec says otherwise. Former EGM editor turned part owner of the Japan-based localization firm 8-4, John Ricciardi, was recently interviewed by Gamasutra on the state of gaming in Japan, and he shed some light on why the PSP is losing the portable gaming war.

"I think there's some kind of disconnect between the people who create the hardware and the people who sell it." He said the PSP started off strong, but have been hindered by some fundamental hardware issues. "I felt like I was holding the future," but the game-based ramifications of the hardware are not well thought through. Another problem with the PSP is it "costs almost as much to make a [PSP] game as to make a PS2 game," he said.

Well, Ricciardi didn't really say anything we didn't already know about the PSP, but it's interesting to hear industry insiders express the same complaints most of us gamers have. However, Sony made a pretty damn good showing at the Tokyo Game Show, so let's hope things are on the up and up.

[Via Gamasutra]

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