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    Garmin's nuvi 660 reviewed

    Darren Murph

    You've been teased enough -- first we showed you a snazzy gallery of the upcoming nüvi 660, only to lead you on a bit more with an official announcement, and now the lucky folks at PC Mag have ran themselves around at the mercy of Garmin's latest GPS unit, only to conclude that it was everything they'd hoped for. Sporting the same Bluetooth functionality that showed up on the nüvi 360, as well as the acutely accurate NAVTEQ maps, the nüvi 660 somehow found a few clever ways to improve on a nearly flawless predecessor. Reviewers praised the 4.3-inch QVGA widescreen display as "impressive," SD slot, the lightweight, pocket-friendly design, and better than expected "3 to 7 hour" battery life. While Garmin stuffed a (very appreciated) plethora of bells and whistles on the 660, this thing isn't worth much if it can't get you around, right? The review crew calms our final worries by citing the unit's impeccable ability to provide quick turn-by-turn directions, while also packing a myriad of POIs to go along with the real-time traffic information. The only notable digs came from the ho hum FM transmitter (has there ever been an impressive one?) and the lack of multipoint routing, but we'd recommend hitting the read link anyway to find out if "the best shirt-pocket GPS" is worth the admittedly steep $1,000 asking price.

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