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Yoggie's mini-computer offloads security duties


If you just don't have the spare RAM, processor cycles or patience anymore to run your daily allotment of security programs, you might want to consider offloading the task to the new Yoggie Gatekeeper mini-computer. The Linux-based device has a pair of Ethernet ports, one for taking in the unwashed internets, and one for sending the newly-scourged connection to your computer. In between, the Yoggie can manage firewall, VPN, virus, spyware, spam and phishing protection duties, along with all sorts of other security good stuff. The device also works for enterprise deployments, allowing IT staff to monitor workers in the field. Configurations include "Basic" and "Pro" versions, with 416MHz and 624MHz processors respectively, along with 64MB or 128MB of SDRAM and 64 or 128MB of flash memory, expandable via SD. Along with the obvious security benefits of this device, we're guessing good things can happen with that much processor, RAM and Linux kernel in one place, especially with prices at a mere $180 and $220 a pop.

[Via LinuxDevices]

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