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iTunes 7 tidbits: it now respects the Browse state

David Chartier

This is most likely at best a minor bonus on most iTunes users' lists - if it's on them at all - but I was pleasantly surprised to discover yesterday that iTunes 7 (pre-7.0.1) now respects the Browse state when switching between the Library and playlists or other sections of the software. If you're scratching your head as to what I'm talking about, let me give you an obnoxious user scenario from previous versions: Let's say you're viewing your music library, and you enable the Browse button so you can track down that exact Genre, Artist or Album you have a craving for. Then, you switch to a playlist to maybe edit it or check and see if the track you're grooving to is on it (yes, I know you can do that by other methods). Upon switching back to the main Library, iTunes has now blown away whatever Genre/Artist/Album selection you had made, disrupting your flow and forcing you to hunt it down again.

If you don't use iTunes like this, feel free to move along at this point. But, if you're feeling my aggravating pain, I am happy to tell you that an iTunes engineer had you and I in mind my friend, as this behavior is now gone. iTunes 7 will respect your Browse state if you start hunting around in other playlists, Library sections or the store, maintaining that Genre, Artist or Album selection you made. Again, this is admittedly a tiny detail, but c'mon - we're talking about Apple, a company known for its attention to the smallest of details which often illicit the largest of "thank you's!" Enjoy.

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