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MediaREADY intros Aero MP3 players


We've known MediaREADY a good long while for their all-inclusive set-top boxes, but their new Aero DAP, and it's forerunner, a nano-knockoff named Glider, have rather failed to excite. The new Aero player features MP3, WMA (no word on PlaysForSure), ASF and WAV playback, along with FM, voice recording and an "eye-popping" color selection (see above). The players range from 128MB to 2GB in storage capacity, and include USB 2.0 for speeding songs over to the boring little unit. Luckily, prices start at $29, so you might have one of the lamer MP3 players on the planet, but at least you'll have a bit of money in the bank. The Aero should be out this October.

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