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Metareview - Okami (PS2)

Blake Snow

Capcom's Okami for the PS2: The reviews have it sounding like a very legitimate contender for game of the year. Really, this thing is getting 9s and 10s all over the place, and some are calling it a top-notch Zelda with paint brush graphics. Here's a sampling of critiques:

  • Gamespy 100% - "It's one of the best-looking, most creative 3D action adventures in recent memory, and every PS2 owner out there owes it to themselves to snap up a copy to enjoy immediately. Truly magical stuff."
  • GameBrink 94% - "While its slower adventure game style pacing and low difficulty may throw off a certain crowd, Okami's charming world with its nice fairy tale story, great gameplay, and incredible graphics will give most an experience likely to be remembered for decades. Okami is truly a remarkable experience."
  • NY Times 92% - "This game is so visually striking, so original and so well done that most other game designers should look at it and then hang their heads in shame. It is proof that the important thing in game design is not the graphical processing power of the game console but the power of the designer's imagination."
The title has an average review score of 93 (based on 23 reviews via Meta Critic). Sounds like Capcom's got game.

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