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Mio DigiWalker H610 fits in the palm of your hand

Cyrus Farivar

Last we heard from Mio, its C310 GPS receiver got dinged for being at bit slap-dash in its design, without the proper vertical integration of say, a Garmin or a Magellan device. Well,, perhaps all of that will change: Mio announced the new DigiWalker H610, a handheld GPS device that the company claims is smaller than a 5.5G iPod. The H610 comes with maps of the entire US and Canada (updated via USB when connected to a PC), a 2.7-inch screen, an SD card slot and a five hour battery life. When it finally hits in November, you'll have to slap five hundies for the pleasure of wandering the streets with one, but if that's too much for you and too long of a wait, you could always go with the Delphi NAV200, available next month for $150 less.

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