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New LFG system coming in the expansion

Mike Schramm

This is probably old news if you've been paying extremely close attention to Burning Crusade news (closer attention than me-- which is really, really close): there's going to be an all new LFG system in place when the expansion hits. Now, this is the first I've heard of it, but Tseric has confirmed it (with exactly zero information at all) on the forums.

Which is music to my ears because the current system, err, how shall I put this? It sucks kodo balls. There's so much spam in the LFG channel, you'd think it's the canned meats aisle at the supermarket, and all that garbage is doubled with a second group of people shouting for the first group to "stop spamming LFG." It's impossible to find a group, because if you accept anyone who will join any group, you get a bunch of classes that won't play well together. And as far as I know, priests at 60 don't even watch the LFG channel-- either you have to know someone or have a guildie heal for you (don't worry, I'm working my priest up there as we speak).

So a new LFG system would be, at the very least, extremely welcome. Tseric will only say that it is "robust" and that it is "not just a revamped chat channel." Apparently Blizzard will go through it in-depth at a later date. At the very least, I'm expecting it to be somewhat like Dark Age's system, where you can flag yourself as LFG and browse others with the same interests (Experience, Questing, Dungeons). At best, it might be some kind of smart meeting stone system, that pairs players of like levels, preferences, gear, and even guilds as quickly as possible. Like almost everything else with the expansion, it seems we'll just have to wait and see.

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