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Toys "R" Us nods the Wii


For the first time ever Toys "R" Us has placed a video game console on their "hot toy" list for the holiday season and it's the Wii.

But before the fanboys launch the ballistics at Toys "R" Us, their PR department thought ahead and came up with this soothing response, "The PlayStation 3 is really geared to a savvy gaming enthusiast," said Kathleen Waugh, a spokeswoman for Toys "R" Us, of the decision to add the Wii to the list. "The Wii system appeals to young kids as well as adults."

Even more soothing is the reason Toys "R" Us placed the Wii on their list is because they know they will have "sufficient stock" of the Wii for the holiday season. So there, Toys "R" Us doesn't hate the PlayStation 3, they're just saying that they'll at least have Wii's in stock this holiday season.

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