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DVD International announces eight HD DVD combo releases including DVE HD


Proudly proclaiming itself as the leading independent and fourth overall largest supporter of the HD DVD format, the DVD Acquisition and Development Group has announced HD DVD / DVD combo disc releases for the fourth quarter of this year. Coming from their DVD International division, the most high profile release is the high definition edition of Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials calibration disc. DVE HD will include 720p and 1080p-encoded versions on the HD DVD side, various test patterns for all manner of A/V setups, and is "HDi capable" -- hopefully this means the menus are easier to navigate, some complained about that on the DVD release (included on the flip side). The seven HDScape discs? Your basic travelogue fare, Exotic Saltwater Aquarium HD DVD, Fireplace HD DVD, Antarctica Dreaming, Visions of Sea: Explorations, Serenity: Southern Seas, HD Window: Hawaii, HD Window: The Great Southwest provide what we're sure are crystal clear looks at various landscapes if you're not already bored to death by them on INHD2 into that type of thing. DVE HD will retail for $34.95, while the HDScape discs will all go for $29.95. A sampler (pictured) is currently on sale at the website for free plus $3.95 shipping.

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