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Intel's Santa Rosa chipset to rock with integrated HSDPA

Cyrus Farivar

Today at the Intel Developer Forum, the company announced that the next generation of mobile processor chipset, known as "Santa Rosa," will feature an integrated HSDPA radio from Nokia. (Oh, and it should bump the FSB to 800MHz and drop power consumption, as usual.) This follows a trend that we've been seeing over the last year with various laptops frontin' 3G access so you can get your speedy internet on wherever life may find you, be it Northern California or elsewhere -- though we've not necessarily seen it so deeply embedded. In other news expected to materialize in 2007, Intel says it will also offer a new ultra-mobile chip based on the Core 2 Duo design but with half the power draw and one-fourth the physical size. No word on if that HSDPA and low-power stuff will make it into that sexy sketch of a sports car we saw earlier, though.

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