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LG.Philips' "world's slimmest" 1.3-mm LCD for cellphones


We know you love your cellphones thin and hopefully, rigid so check the world's thinnest TFT-LCD panel just announced by LG.Philips. Measuring a mere 1.3-mm, the panel is 32% slimmer than the current gen of TFT-LCDs and about 0.2-mm thinner than those ultra-slim OLEDs. The new LCD should allow manufactures to dip below that 6.9-mm crown held by Samsung's SGH-X820 yet up the display brightness from 300 to 400 nits. So let's see, a conservative 0.6 less of 6.9-mm means we're looking at a 6.3-mm (0.25-inch) thick phone. Hear that Sammy, we'll expect nothing less, er, we mean more.

[Via Telecoms Korea, Thanks Fred for math lesson]

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