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"Record Grey's Anatomy, HAL." "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."


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While various solutions do exist for setting up recording times with your WMCE box remotely, we're not sure many of them could match Casey's new mobileRecord MSN chat bot for sheer geekery. Basically, it allows you to ping your WMCE unit via MSN Messenger with a last minute reminder to record those primetime soap opera episodes you forgot to program -- which sounds great as long as it doesn't get some sort of attitude. After a couple of questions to make sure it's on the right track, the bot takes over and schedules the recording for Media Center. The general idea is for use with a smartphone, but you can message from another desktop just as well. Apparently, the software also supports voice recognition using the Speech Server 2007 beta, which would allow you to just phone in your recording requests, but since Speech Server has been delayed until next year, it looks like it'll be all text requests for now.

[Via MAKE]

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