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IBM and Xing team up for high-end wireless karaoke controller


We're not going to lie -- we're pretty dang awesome at karaoke. Unfortunately, our superstardom is often hampered by ghetto setups in the various K-town karaoke bars we frequent, so we don't always get our chance to shine. IBM and Xing have joined forces to help solve this problem, and came up with the Kyoku NAVIs and NAVI II wireless controllers, which allow you to search through thousands of songs right from the device, without having to lug out those lame songbooks. The device can operate in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English, and can even be used to order food and drinks from the bar while you're busy singing your heart out to top 40 hits of the 80's and 90's. The controllers are WiFi based, and can search the IBM-powered song databases in all sorts of nifty ways. They'll be headed to Japan this November, so if you've really got to get your song on, and aren't looking forward to flipping through a 3-ring binder to track down that certain Bowie fave, you might want to head over before you miss all the fun.

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