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Japanese hardware sales, 18 September - 24 September: Dungeons and Dragons edition

Jason Wishnov

The Dark Sage, Lyte, has been travelling 'cross the land, defeating evil monsters wherever they may roam!

What's my level?

21, now quiet. You're ruining the mood. *ahem* So, you come across a dark cave. Rumors say this cave holds a treasure of infinite power. Do you wish to enter?


Dude, a Dark Sage wouldn't say ... never mind. Okay, you go in the cave. A trap! Spikes come up from the floor. Roll to evade.

Why do you always put traps in caves?

I'm the game master, dammit, I can do whatever the hell I want! *ahem* Roll. Ah, a 17! You manage to evade the traps. You venture deeper into the cave. What...what's this? Oh, it's horrifying! It's ... no, but it can't be ... but it is! It's the evil Passion-Sucking Pixie! It attacks! You lose 23,118 HP!

Oof! Uh...I cast Magic Missile!

The spell did 139,835 damage! The Pixie dies! You gain two experience points!

Just two?

Dude, you've killed it like a thousand times.

- DS Lite: 139,835 4,950 (3.69%)
- PS2: 32,673 1,516 (4.43%)
- PSP: 23,118 3,877 (14.36%)
- GBA SP: 2,145185 (7.94%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,186 58 (4.66%)
- Xbox 360: 1,109 181 (19.50%)
- Gamecube: 763 133 (21.11%)
- DS Phat: 316 162 (33.89%)
- GBA: 20 7 (25.93%)
- Xbox: 8 1 (14.29%)

(Note to readers: the DS Fanboy staff is rather inexperienced with D&D, so we apologize for any inaccuracies. Or if we offended. We love you guys!)

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