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Reggie chats up the Wii


As if the man has done anything else lately, Reggie has conducted an interview with AOL Games, discussing everything from the Wii to their goal of attracting non-gamers, as well as Reggie's ultimate fantasy career. What's most interesting about this interview, we believe, is Reggie's views on the industry's current lack of originality and love of sequels. Reggie goes on to say:

"Do I think the industry is suffering from a lack of originality? A lot of the same old content? Sequelitis? Absolutely. Absolutely. As a consumer, is it challenge to parse through all the different choices available to find those great games out there? Absolutely. Yes, there's a lot of dreck out there. But I think a measure of our success is if you go to an EB or Gamestop and look at previous used product for sale, the fact is, you won't see a lot of Nintendo published product. Why? Because we make product that people tend to want to hold onto. The replay value is there. There's emotional attachment to the software. But is there a lot of dreck, especially on the competitive platforms? Absolutely."

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