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Wii hands-on by unfiltered younglings

Blake Snow

Aeropause solicited impressions from three young gamers after playing Wii for the first time at the Nintendo Fusion Tour that began this week. Reactions were mixed but promising on what the system can do. 16 year-old Matt White from Indiana had this to say:

"All in all I feel positive about the Wii, and I truly believe it could be the next sensation in gaming if and ONLY IF they get games that truly make good use of the controller. Forget about Wii Channels or the cute little Mii characters; even the Virtual Console won't be enough to hold it up if the new games fail. This thing will live or die by it's games and playing with the Wii proved that it can live an amazing life or die an early death, all depending on what the developers do or do not do."

Sounds consistent with what's been said before, and how competent, higher risk products are initially received in general. We also wonder how much the demo environment can change the overall console experience, for better or for worse. I always feel like a guinea pig in testing environments (i.e. E3).

[Thanks, Luke]

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