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Fujifilm S9600 wireless adapter shown at Photokina

Darren Murph

Not to keep harping on Fujifilm's newly-unveiled, fixed-zoom S9600 camera, but the company has apparently busted out a less-than-glamorous wireless attachment for the highly-touted prosumer model. While we knew the 10.7x zoom, 9 megapixel sensor, and tiltable LCD were on the docket, wireless transfers is definitely a new addition. Spotting WiFi on cameras isn't too uncommon (heck, we're even giving one away), but we've yet to see a dedicated wireless adapter for a camera of this stature. Reportedly, the demo was set up to photograph onlookers, and then pass the snapshot along (sans wires, of course) to a WiFi-enabled printer sitting nearby. Unfortunately, details concerning model numbers, pricing, or if this add-on will ever surface outside of the Photokina confines remains to be seen -- but honestly, we hope the final design (should there be one at all) trims down a bit, as the current build sure looks to add a good deal of heft for just cutting the proverbial cord.

[Via Daily Wireless]

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