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The prodigal webcomic wrapup returns

Ross Miller

After a week-long hiatus because of in honor of the Tokyo Game Show, the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup has returned to entertain you. As a change of format, this week we're going to look at some common trends among the gaming comics over the last two weeks.

There have been some notable standouts that we couldn't categorize. Fanboys nailed an Ocarina of Time / Dance Dance Revolution joke and Press Start to Play took a more self-referential route. Not normally game-related, xkcd and Questionable Content showed their nerd side in more subtle ways.

For the other comics this week, nearly every joke had a counterpart somewhere on the internet channels, so we're pairing the comics up into teams of two. Tell us, what webcomic duo nailed their respective punch line?

Both Extra Life and Digital Unrest decided to give Wii remotes to animals, hoping for hilarity to ensue.

More topical, the ever-elusive Wii pre-order plan has left Digital Unrest bewildered and Dueling Analogs jaded.

If Mario Hoops has taught us anything, it's that Ninjas are natural born ballers. Penny Arcade vents its frustration, while Digital Unrest makes one final cameo; why do people think Toad makes a great announcer?

The Tokyo Game Show made few splashes in the world of gaming comics. Penny Arcade explains their reasoning, while Fanboys illustrates the problem with Ken Kutaragi's keynote.

Don't ask us why, but Dead Rising is the running gag that never dies (no pun intended). Fanboys domesticate the horror, while VG Cats splices it with Pokemon Snap.

VG Cats and RPG-TV's Chris Thomas (via a Dueling Analogs guest strip) take jabs at Square Enix's world -- and why not? They're old enough to take a joke.

Newsflash: people don't like the new look of Bomberman. Dueling Analogs and RPG-TV report.

Here's a look at the post-TGS reaction to the PlayStation 3 -- both the good (via Penny Arcade) and the bad (via Dueling Analogs).

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