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Samsung's FX with surround sound

Chris Ziegler

Some of us are still just trying to get our hands on a decent phone with A2DP -- or heck, even an honest-to-goodness 3.5mm jack would do -- but Samsung's looking to take it to the next level by integrating 5.1-channel audio into its new "FX" handsets, the SPH-M4500 and SCH-M450. The sliders don't actually surround you with five speakers and a subwoofer (wouldn't that make for an interesting form factor?), but rather mix the channels down to a stereo virtual surround effect for your listening pleasure. The 5.1 action comes into handy for the FX's DMB tuner and music player, which can draw off internal memory or microSD expansion. Add WiFi, front-facing VGA and rear 2-megapixel cams, and we have yet another Korean superphone on our hands with no hint of a global release.

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