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Breakfast Topic: Burning Crusade Launch...Smooth or Disaster?

David Nelson

The Burning Crusade is right around the corner. We could have it in our hands in a matter of weeks, not months.

When we finally do get to play the expansion, will we be able to play it at all?

I worry that the game could be unplayable for a week or more. I see in the forums people planning to take a vacation week on release, but I see that as a week vacation taken in vain. If the past is any indication, the servers will be laggy and overwhelmed, and the game will be borderline unplayable. Blizzard's history with stability after launching major patches is hit-or-miss, and this is one MAJOR patch. Also, a lot of folks who stopped playing or are only playing sporadically now will be back in full force, adding further strain to the servers.

So, what do you think? Any chance the launch will be incredibly smooth and we all have a great time? Is my prediction way off base?

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