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Fans of Kojima and Zone of the Enders rejoice! A third is born...

Nick Doerr

There's always that one game series that pleases whoever plays it, but it doesn't exactly pop up in daily "I wish..." conversations. It's sort of an... unspoken respect, or something. Zone of the Enders is like that. They're great games (even though many, many people bought the first game for the included Metal Gear Solid 2 demo...) but they don't exactly get voiced as such. The silent masses? Well, time to let your voice be heard -- Zone of the Enders 3 is officially in development.

Over at the unofficial Metal Gear Solid website, they've posted a scan of the lastest PSM3, detailing what little news other than the confirmation of ZOE3 is available. It's time to hype this one up as another great robot battle royale with twisting storylines and intense, almost seizure-inducing, visuals. Let's do this by recounting our favorite ZOE and ZOE2 moments. If your moment consists of popping in the MGS2 demo and tossing the first ZOE aside, then... well, whatever floats your boat, but you missed out. Scheduled for 2007, though? Doubt it. More on this as details surface.

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