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Is anyone really into the holiday thing?

David Nelson

I don't know. Maybe I am lame. But with just a few exceptions, I don't get into most of the holidays around Azeroth.

The Christmas and Halloween events are pretty cool, as you can get some neat loot that you can play with, but Harvest Festival? Some buffed food items? Not very exciting. Children's Week strikes me as pretty unspectacular as well. I get that they are trying to spice things up a little bit, and I appreciate that. I simply find myself not caring about half of the holidays that we celebrate in-game. I guess on a RP server some of these less exciting events might take on a little more flavor, but if you aren't on a role playing server, do you care about Harvest Festival?

I will admit some of the holidays are a step above. The wands that turn people into skeletons and bats during Hallow's End are pretty darn awesome. And turning your mount into a reindeer? The Feast of Winter Veil delivers.

I should probably just be grateful we get any holidays at all, as they certainly aren't required. But with some of the holiday events being so well done, and others being much less so, it makes me greedy! I want good events every time. What do you guys think? Do you enjoy the holiday events? Does one event stand out as the best? Or do you just ignore all of them?

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