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JXD comes out swinging with the JXD638 PMP

Evan Blass

JXD, one of our favorite Chinese knockoff manufacturers (its previous victims include the PSP and iAudio M3) is back on the scene to delight us with a new PMP that's surprisingly heavy on the features and light on the ripped-off design cues. Thanks to some sweet machine translation, we're able to report that the 1GB JXD638 sports a 3.0-inch display (high definition, it's claimed, but we have our doubts), two megapixel camera, video in as well as video out, some manner of videogame functionality, an SD slot, and the usual bells-and-whistles additions of a calendar, calculator, and electronic dictionary. As far as file support goes, you're getting DivX, XviD, and ASF on the video tip, MP3, WMA, and WAV for music, and obviously JPEG for annoying all your friends with those boring slideshows. The major downer here seems to be the measly four to five hours of battery life that this thing manages to squeeze out of its 1,100mAH pack, but at around 1,554 yuan ($196), you can't really expect all your portable media desires to be fulfilled.

[Via dapreview, photo courtesy of AVING]

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