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Another bite of the unofficial Apple


Hey TUAW, I'm Alex, the newest blogger around these parts.

The first Mac I ever handled was one of the later Performa models. It was a beige beast of a computer attached to an ABI Prism DNA Sequencer, and I remember thinking how odd it was that there was only one mouse button. This was at a time in my life when I still thought I could be a scientist.

That dream faded, but Macs stayed in my life. Oh, there was a time when I strayed, when I spent a few years wandering in the Wild West of Linux and impossible (for me) binary management, but then OS X came along and I couldn't stay away any longer.

These days I spend most of my days in balmy London writing about videogames at Kikizo, IGN, and AOL. Macs and OS X make the job that little more enjoyable. My nomadic lifestyle demands portability, which is probably why I'll be using wonderful 12" PowerBooks until I can't find another, or Apple decides to answer my, and many others', prayers and gives us a new (or even smaller) version.

That's me taken care of. Let's get to it.

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