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Gasp! Get your Sonic Rivals internet cards before they're all gone

Chris Powell

Sega has been known to do some off-the-wall advertising for their games, just check out Beta-7 if you don't believe me. Now Sega, to hype up Sonic Rivals coming to the PSP, has released character artwork cards, and I really have no clue why.

Among the lucky characters to be included in this batch are Sonic (Of course), Knuckles, Shadow and Silver. Honestly, I'm not really "feeling" these cards so much. Is there really a point in numbering them? I don't think anyone's going to try to trade a Knuckles for a Silver any time soon.

Anyway, Sonic Rivials should be released Nov. 21. That means you only have a little more than a month to collect the entire set. You better hurry!

[Via DCEmu]

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