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NVIDIA answers questions about PureVideo HD, Blu-ray & HD DVD playback on PC


Amidst the rumors and quickly reversed statements, there has been very little clear information about what media PC owners can expect in terms of Blu-ray and HD DVD playback. HardOCP sat down with NVIDIA exec Scott Vouri recently with ten questions on what will and won't work when plugging in that Blu-ray or HD DVD drive. Just like the Xbox 360's HD DVD player, that analog VGA connector will support any resolution you choose -- or that your hardware can run without chugging -- as long as the ICT digital-only flag is not enabled (which it has not been for any content released so far). For digital video connections, with or without ICT, AACS makes HDCP a must. Older DVI monitors without content protection will get nothing but a blank screen when playing protected content (read: any commercial Blu-ray or HD DVD disc released). All that high tech digital circuitry doesn't mean problem-free though as they experienced issues trying to hook up to a Pioneer plasma via HDMI (they're not the only ones), but no problems on an older CRT monitor connected via VGA.

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