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Which is it, Sony? "Blu-ray is dead!" or "Long live Blu-ray!"?

Vladimir Cole

Sony needs to get its story straight.

On the one hand, there's Ken Kutaragi, top chihuahua of Sony Computer Entertainment, who says that the PlayStation 3 has a product life span of 10 years. One full decade! Long live Blu-ray!

On the other hand, there's Jamie MacDonald, VP of SCE Worldwide Studios Europe, who claims that digital distribution will overtake physical media (such as Blu-ray discs) within five years. Blu-ray is dead!

What's going on here? Is Blu-ray a tax on people too thick to subtract five from ten?

Well, SCE's MacDonald backtracked a little bit, explaining to GameDaily, "The thing about Blu-ray discs - and this is the crucial thing - is that not any time soon will you be able to download the amount of content you need for a big triple-A title down a typical 2, 4 meg broadband connection. That's not going to happen now or in the next year."

Tell that to Fios users, MacDonald. 30Mbps downstream will chew thru one of them fancy Blu-ray discs pretty fast. The real question is how long it'll be before the rest of us have access to fiber in the home.

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