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Image credit: Burning Crusade CE: $69.99 [Update]

David Nelson

While this is not an official suggested price from Blizzard, and could possibly be proven to be incorrect, is listing the Burning Crusade Collector's Edition at a healthy $69.99. Sure, you are getting a ton of stuff, but the first reaction from a couple of my friends was..."Wow. 70 bucks for an expansion CE? I don't know about that." However, my friends aren't the hardest of the hardcore, so their opinion might not be opinion of Blizzard's target audience.

If I recall correctly, the original WoW CE was $79.99, so this is ten dollars cheaper, which makes sense, as Burning Crusade is ten dollars less expensive at launch than World of Warcraft was. I do think the CE is rather pricey. But again, you are getting a ton of stuff. And hopeless WoW addicts like me and my Australian best friend forever will surely pony up the seventy dollars.

What do you guys think? Too high? Just right?

[Update: The link at Gamestop is down. So maybe this is not a 100% sure thing as far as price .]

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