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HPI's G-Robots rock hard


Oh sweet baby jeebus, our robotics overlords in Japan just announced this Ronnie James Dio automaton. Oh sure, HPI -- of RC racers fame -- calls their DIY kit G-Röböts, but there's no mistaking the menacing green eyes of The Beast flashing the devil horns in a full-on, heavy metal power pose. The G-Robots GR-001, like the holy diver himself, stands just 8.9-inches and 1.99-pounds wrapped in a skin of high-impact resin. Assembly takes about 2 hours after which this walker can be programmed from your computer via old-school RS232 and controlled via a 2.4GHz wireless remote. Let's just hope it comes with a USB-to-serial adapter for the required ¥199,980 or about $1,018 of that god fearin' green. Uh, azphinctersezwhat?

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