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NWN2's baddie nasties revealed

Alan Rose

Obsidian's Neverwinter Nights 2 is just around the corner, and this ugly lookin' crew is waiting to meet you when the game ships later this month. The bald dude is a frenzied berserker who is basically impossible to kill during his "deathless frenzy" attack (fortunately, he gets tired). The blue chick in the middle is a sword-wielding mage and top servant to the Lich Queen, but she shows some serious age lines if she ventures too close to the Forgotten Realms.

Lastly, we have the manipulative diplomat Torio, a man-hating, angry as f@#%, agenda of rage, bitter...(you know the rest, Banky). Seriously, if you take away those flotation devices, we've got some serious androgyny going on here. Actually, neither of these villainesses represent the prototypical, evil hot babe we've grown accustomed to in the role playing genre, so you shouldn't feel to guilty carving them up.

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