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Gears of War still buggy, complain 'Chainsaw' event attendees


Microsoft and New Line Cinema teamed up last night to show off their upcoming projects, which both feature chainsaws forced upon the human (or humanoid) figure. A "Match Made in Hell" provided the first opportunity for the public to get hands-on time with Gears of War multiplayer, but attendees had to sit through a screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning first.

Two reports of the event (2old2play & Siliconera) have cited control issues, which affect the flow of gameplay. When asked if he thought Gears of War would be a hit, one attendee answered, "No not in this state. Not in its present form." With 'Emergence Day' just over a month away, should Microsoft be concerned? Our guess is that the event generated more than enough good PR to negate any complaints. The hype wave is gathering momentum. You gonna get swept up?

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