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GoLive MystiKats complicates playing dolls

Cyrus Farivar

These days Engadget is a male-only operation (it wasn't always that way), so unfortunately we don't have a female perspective on 21st century dolls. That said, based on our thick-skulled testosterone-infused research, we've just come across a new concept doll that strikes us as a bit too involved for a toy that can be perfectly enjoyable even when simple. The new GoLive MystiKats Interactive Fashion System combines regular dolls, a dock, and a proprietary handheld media player that takes "themed cartridges." (According to the company's site, each of the four characters have particular powers, like telekinesis, which were bestowed upon them by a mysterious "kat" on their 18th birthdays.) Once you place a doll in the dock (or to use the company lingo, the "GoLive Share"), then connect the media player, the doll will "come to life," allowing you to play with the doll, um, on a TV screen. But there's one catch: the "interactive game play" only lasts for five hours. Now we're no experts, but we'd be willing to bet that we easily spent more than five hours interacting with our analog He-Man and G.I. Joe dolls action figures as kids. However, maybe that's the whole part of the shrewd plan: suckering parents into buying more cartridges. Either way, GoLive MystiKats are supposed to be available online and in stores for $100, but it's unclear how many accessories you'll get for that single Benjamin.

[Via GizMag]

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