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Jigga Man makes his way to NBA Live 07

Blake Snow

EA, Reebok, Champs Sports, and presumably Rock-A-Fella Records announced a cross-promotional deal today that allows NBA Live 07 gamers the ability to unlock rapper Jay-Z as a playable in-game character. How's that for enterprise synergy? GameDaily has the skinny: "Those that buy the new Reebok S. Carter Basketball IV shoe at Champs Sports [available 10/11/06] will receive a code to unlock Jay-Z's character for use in the game. Jay-Z's in-game avatar will have the speed of Allen Iverson, the 'ups' of Baron Davis and the sharpshooter aim of Peja Stojakovic."

Now that's what I call a player mashup (dibs on digital Hova).

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