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Microsoft fires back at DVD firmware hack

Cyrus Farivar

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Just in case you'd finally saved up to buy an Xbox 360 for the purposes of hacking the firmware on the DVD player, you may be a fair bit disappointed when you tear those electronic guts out. The dudes at Xbox-Scene recently figured out that Microsoft seems to have responded simply by changing the version of the Hitachi-LG DVD drive, going so far as to putting black hard glue over the chip pins for extra security. While we know that Microsoft has the right to protect its technology, this solution just seems a bit overkill, no? In any case, there's a whole series of other technical details (most of which are all Greek to us), but the short of it is that the Team-X kit to hack the firmware won't work anymore -- at least until the Xbox-Scene crew figures out another workaround, which we're sure they will.

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